Construction management

Construction management

A good Construction Manager will be your lifeline

If you are launching a new building project, a good Construction Manager will be your lifeline, helping the process to run smoothly from beginning to end. Johal Regan employs highly motivated Construction Managers who are enthusiastic about new builds. We match our service to your needs, so that regardless of whether this is your first project or you are an experienced developer, you will be provided with the right expertise.

Whilst new builds can be exciting and financially rewarding, there are many pitfalls you could fall into which may result in serious delays and overspends. These could include selecting the wrong contractors, receiving poor financial advice, or being unaware of Building Regulations.

Your new build project

If you are new to this kind of project, you will have a vision that you want to turn into reality, but you may feel daunted by the task ahead. Good planning and day-to-day construction management is crucial for a successful outcome.

What does Construction Management involve?

A Construction Manager takes on an enormous range of responsibilities and must have a wealth of knowledge together with dedication and drive. In brief, Construction Management involves:

  • Understanding the brief and ensuring that the project is legally, financially, environmentally and logistically feasible.
  • Developing a strategy and timescale for completion and sticking to it.
  • Financial management including control of budgets and cash flow.
  • Dealing with Building Regulations and submitting planning applications.
  • Selecting a design team and commissioning architects plans and drawings.
  • Selecting contractors and tradesmen who can meet the requirements of the project at the right price.
  • Contract preparation and administration
  • Risk management and dispute resolution
  • Interior design and landscaping

Construction Management with Johal Regan

Our Construction Managers have significant experience and a superior array of skills, which will ensure the smooth running of your new build. Whilst you will benefit from a number of team members working on your behalf, you will be assigned a single point of contact with whom you can build a solid relationship. We will identify your needs and ensure that our service is tailored to those needs. We pride ourselves on our creative flair and can bring new ideas and strategies to the project, which you may not have considered.

Above all, we are dedicated to take away the hard work, so that our clients can relax and enjoy their new build project. A successful and profitable outcome is always our aim.

Contact us today for a chat to discuss your plans. We will be happy simply to answer any questions or worries you may have, and if you choose can provide a free quotation tailored your needs.

We look forward to working with you!

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