Fire risk assessment

As an owner of commercial or business premises (or of buildings of multiple occupancy which have common areas), you must comply with the Fire Safety Order, which came into force in 2005 and was supplemented in 2006. This states that you should take reasonable steps to ensure that any risk of fire is reduced, and that adequate safety measures have been implemented. If you have not complied with the regulations, you may not be insured in case of fire. Full details of the legislation can be found at:

Can I carry out a Fire Risk Assessment myself?

Yes you can. However, for an untrained person, this can be time-consuming and complex, and you may risk non-compliance. You may therefore feel more comfortable asking a professional who has the relevant expertise. At Johal Regan we can provide a fully compliant and comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment for all size of business including retail premises, hotels and warehouses.
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The Fire Risk Assessment

Our fire risk assessor will visit your premises, make an inspection and provide a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand report. We will identify all fire safety hazards, and check existing fire safety measures including fire drills, extinguishers, signs and notices, and fire doors. The report will include an action plan to ensure that fire risks are minimised and adequate procedures and equipment are in place in the event of a fire.

What the report will include

  1. Fire Hazards
    Fire hazards may include heaters or air conditioning units, cooking equipment, flammable material such as textiles, medical products or commercial oxygen supplies.
  2. People in and around the premises at risk
    These may include people who work close to or with fire hazards, people who work in isolated areas, elderly or disabled people, and children.
  3. An action plan which will evaluate, remove, reduce and protect premises and people from risk
    The action plan may include removal and reduction of fire hazards, and the introduction of a safe-smoking policy for employees.
  4. A further action report outlining suitable measures and record taking
    Once the immediate risks have been dealt with, you will need to assess any remaining risk and what fire safety measures to provide.

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