Schedule of Dilapidations

At or towards the end of a lease, it is normally necessary to establish the condition of a building to assess whether the repairing covenants and other parts of the lease have been adhered to. A Schedule of Dilapidations is normally prepared where the landlord's surveyor believes that there are necessary works required to the building to comply with the terms of the lease. Examples of dilapidations include a broken window or leaking roof. Costs for repair are usually prepared as part of the schedule.

Schedule of Dilapidations, Dilapidation Surveys

A Schedule of Dilapidations allows the landlord to be compensated for wear and tear to the building. We will act for landlords in preparing a claim, or for a tenant who wishes to defend a claim.

We have a detailed knowledge of the practice of dilapidations and provide dilapidation surveys and reports

At Johal Regan our surveyors have a detailed knowledge of the practice of dilapidations and all legal implications. We provide up-to-date and clear advice, and have many years of experience providing Schedules of Dilapidations for a wide range of commercial properties. Dilapidations are a complex issue but with the advice of our Chartered Surveyors you can have peace of mind, whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

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